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Men's suits, shirts, 12 great common sense

Date:2017-08-11 11:08:19

Men's suits and shirts match common sense

A type of shirt to distinguish. Wearing a suit or dress for formal occasions, should wear wearing shirt; a shirt on the jacket or tunic inside, wear the best within the internal and external type of wear. When the shirt is worn only as a coat, it is a better choice to wear the outside or inside and outside.

Two, the formal occasion wear white shirt or light colored shirt, with a dark suit and tie, with a dignified.

Three, shirt sleeves should be about a centimeter longer than the sleeves of the suit, which reflects both the dress level and the cleanness of the cuffs of the suit.

Four, when the shirt with tie wear (regardless of whether to wear a suit or not), you must generals mouth button and cuff button all buckle, to show men's rigidity and strength.

Five, the size of the shirt collar, in order to squeeze a finger loose amount is appropriate. Slender neck who avoid the collar is too large, otherwise it will give people a sense of weakness.

Six, tie wearing a suit, shirt collar and a button cannot buckle, and fly the buttons on must be buttoned, otherwise it will seem too casual and lack of training.

Seven, wearing a suit, shirt tail avoid wearing in the waist, this will give people the feeling of taste is not neither fish nor fowl,; conversely, it will make people more confident, in fine Fig.

Eight, should be selected in curved hem style shirt, both for the hem tucks in the waist, and wearing comfort, waist and hip part of smooth appearance.

Nine, the outer wear shirt, avoid wearing in any coat (especially the suit), to avoid giving a bloated and discordant feeling.

Ten, regular short sleeved shirts can wear neckties, appeared in formal occasions. It suits the climate and the environment as well as the man's manner.

Eleven, the newly purchased shirts must be washed and then put on, in order to remove the possible stains in the process of production, to ensure that personal wear clean and sanitary.

Twelve, men's shirts should be frequently washed, frequently changed, wearing dirty collar shirt, will give irresponsible suspicion.

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