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What should I pay attention to when choosing a suit?

Date:2017-08-11 11:33:51

Fine identification of quality

1. Balance and coordination of part and neck

The first key to a good suit is balance and coordination between the shoulders and neck. Wearing a suit, shoulders and neck are like hangers. It must be natural, comfortable and without pressure to show the sag and graceful lines of a suit.

2 collar lines

The collar of the suit must be carried naturally along the shirt and not too far away from the shirt.

3, fly ride

Suit under the collar piece (Lapel) with which the whole suit placket of the facade, it must be smoothly onto the chest, not convex.

4, sleeve and sleeve cage comfortable suit, the whole sleeve type must follow the natural bow of the arc. The combination of the sleeve and the body (that is, the curvature of the armhole) is more natural, graceful and smooth. The comfort of the entire suit will depend on the comfort of the sleeves of the suit.

5, a version of technology and sewing skills modern version, delicate fit cut lines, plus exquisite sewing and ironing skills accord with human body aesthetics, in order to create male elegant, elegant image.

Excellent quality from the advanced material choice, to shoulder pads, cuff lining, chest to strengthen the design and application of lining can suit the quality performance.

When buying the overall reference

(1) the choice of fabric colors: generally, tall, should choose a dark, it can avoid the people's visual sense of short stature and bloated;, it is best to choose light colored fabrics, it can give a sense of extension. Young people don't wear Floral Fabric, grey fuzzy color, so as not to appear at. And the old people should not choose flower shape lively and bright coloured fabric, so as not to lose its sedate, deep image.

(2) the choice of style, to choose the style, first of all should grasp the characteristics of suits. The shoulders of the suit, except for the shoulder seam, should be properly "warped", which is usually called "curling up". But it's not a shrug, it's not a shoulder, it's higher than a window. Tilt shoulders, from the window to the shoulder in the middle, with the human body, the shape of the site naturally "collapse" down, to the sleeves and shoulders up again, thus giving a natural beauty. Flat shoulders, shoulders and shoulders are made of special grooming, not in the suit.

The collar of the suit is also the main part. The time of purchase, to see whether the window is flat, round collar, collar is flatly appressed to bring the window for a week. At present, the suit is velvet collar bottom bottom, flat and easy matter procumbent, belongs to the international popular suit of raw materials. And medium and low grade suits, it is more use this material to do the bottom.

In addition, the purchase should pay attention to the neck of the suit with the person's face width, and the face of narrow pet people, if the choice of wide neck style, it seems narrower face. At the same time, the neck should also be turned naturally, to have a comfortable, full visual effects.

(3) the choice of work is also very important: suit workmanship, rough workmanship, the suit is very easy to take shape in the process of wearing suits, greatly reduce the beauty. Therefore, when buying a suit, be sure to check it. First of all, it depends on whether the stitching is straight, whether there are any broken wires, heavy wires and jumpers. The two is to look at a suit and suit is docile, without bulge, wrinkle sense. The three is to look at the surface, no oil stain suit. Four is to see whether the fabric splicing coordinated nature. Five is to see the ironing effect of clothing, whether straight, gloss is consistent, whether there is any damage to the place of ironing.

(4) the choice of materials: materials to suit a fabric texture identification, prevent profiteers yijiachongzhen, shoddy. The two is to pay attention to pocket lining and lining materials, to see whether the density is too lax, so good with lining, wearing effect.

(5) pay attention to the inspection of trademarks, manufacturers and product qualification certificates: to see whether the contents are complete and reliable, whether or not they are counterfeit trademarks.

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