What kind of men's suits can be divided into?

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Men's suits look like they don't make any difference. In fact, their knowledge is in every detail. The suit is a "imported culture", which is understandable. The modern suit formed in mid nineteenth Century, according to the different properties can be divided into different kinds of suits, suit to understand the classification, can help you choose the suit in a variety of social situations, to avoid being laughable.

Arrange the buttons according to the buttons on the jacket

According to the division of the jacket button arrangement, single breasted jacket with double breasted jacket.

COV single breasted jacket, the most common one button, two buttons, three buttons three. A button, three button single breasted suit jacket to wear more fashionable, and two button single breasted jacket is more formal. Men often wear single breasted suit style with two buttons, flat collar, high lapels, rounded hem section.

COV double breasted jacket, the most common are two buttons, four buttons, six buttons three. Two button, six button double breasted jacket belongs to the popular style, and the four button double breasted jacket was a traditional style. Men often wear the double breasted suit is six buttons, collar, hem corner gun models.

As for the suit after the slits are divided into single and double slits, a slit, single breasted suit can choose one of the three, and the double breasted suit can only choose the double slits or a.

Classified by plate type

The so-called version, refers to the appearance of the outline of the suit. Strictly speaking, there are four basic types of suits:

The first edition, the European version of the suit.

European style suits are actually popular in continental Europe, such as Italy and france. Generally speaking, they are called European style suits. The most important brands are Zegna, Armani, Ferre, and COV. The basic outline of the European version of the suit is obtrapezoid, is actually the waist and shoulder width, the European men tall figure match. Choose a suit, the European version of the suit, to think twice, because the average person is not shoulder. Double breasted, waist, shoulder width, the basic characteristics of the suit is also the European plate.

Second edition, English Edition suit.

It's a variant of the European version. It is single breasted, but the collar is quite narrow, and the Anglo Saxons the main ethnic related. The Anglo Saxons face relatively long, so their suit collar is quite broad, relatively narrow. British version of the suit, usually three buttons in the majority, and its basic contour is inverted ladder type.

Third edition, American style suit.

American version of the suit, the basic outline of the American version of the suit is characterized by O. It is loose and loose, suitable for casual occasions. Therefore, the United States version of the suit is often dominated by single, generally casual style. American general's basic characteristics can be summed up in four words, is the undress big pants. Emphasis on comfort and freedom is characteristic of americans.

Fourth edition, Japanese style suit.

The basic outline of a Japanese suit is the H. It is suitable for Asian men's body, not broad shoulders, no waist. Generally speaking, it is single breasted, clothing not slits.

Classification by number of suits

According to the number of suits to be divided into single suit, two piece suit, three piece suit. Business men wear formal suits in formal business contacts. They must be suit suits. When they are involved in high-level business activities, they should wear a suit of three piece suits.

A one-piece suit, a suit of trousers that does not match trousers; applies only to informal occasions.

A suit is a suit of trousers and trousers, which is made up of fabric, color and style, and echoes each other. Usually, a suit has two sets and three sets. The two piece suit consists of one coat and one pants, and the three piece covers a suit, a pair of trousers and a vest. According to people's traditional view, the three piece suit is more formal than the two suit. You can always wear it when you participate in high-level foreign events. Wearing a single breasted suit, should tie narrow belt; wear a double breasted suit type, then tie slightly wider suitable belt. By twenty-first Century, three sets of women had developed into suits, vests, skirts, and shorts were replaced by shorts in many seasons as the seasons changed.

Dress in categories

According to wearing occasions, suits can be divided into two kinds of dress and casual clothes. Among them, formal dress can be divided into formal dress (also called morning dress, day, everyday wear), small dress (also called evening dress, evening wear), tail coat. Dress requirements of cloth must be wool, black, black shoes, black pants with socks, white shirt, black tie. Casual clothes are divided into casual clothes and formal attire. People usually wear formal clothes. Formal dress is usually dark color, wool (including hair at more than 70%), the upper and lower body must be the same color, with the material, good workmanship.

According to the gender and age of the wearer

According to the sex and age of the wearer, the suit can be divided into three categories: Men's suits, women's suits and children's suits.

In addition, the suit is also divided into flat collar, gun collar, lapel collar and so on.

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