How do you wear shirts of different colors?

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How do you wear shirts of different colors?

1, white shirts never undefeated

Whether you are of any size, white shirt is undoubtedly the absolute necessities, suit any color collocation, can have an overwhelming victory, but also easy to give the audience a vibrant, clean feeling, and not too bleak without light, therefore, to buy a number of white shirt is innocent, especially men and especially easy to sweat, the natural life shirt up, when a yellow shirt, has been unable to make improvements to save it back, even if the appearance without the slightest injury, please also to get rid of, otherwise it will trap themselves in shabby, inferior foot.

2, striped shirts are also safe

Generally speaking, as long as the line spacing between lines and not too big, not too thick lines, are acceptable, most safety stripes, the stripe spacing of less than 1 cm, and at regular distances, very fine line width, like automatic pencil across the line, which is not easy to make mistakes the style is recommended.

3, plaid shirt to be careful

Just like the striped shirt, if a small lattice area conservative fine grid, generally no problem, but if the grid area is very large, then this leisure flavor is strong, not suitable for formal occasions such as working dress, do not convey a solemn momentum, and the usual holiday leisure time, it is very good dress.

4 blue is in fashion

Nowadays, almost all office workers have blue shirts, and even have several blue shirts. They are more important than white shirts. Blue shirts are for everyone, but collocations vary subtly.

When shirts, ties, and suits are blue, the three must be paired with different shades of blue.

5, size and shirt match

If you are strong, then stripes, plaid too obviously is not suitable for you: if you are a medium, high stiffness and thickness of cloth shirt, and you can climb on; if you are sober or under is long foot tall, stripes, plaid shirt is match with you; if you is a stout, plain is your only choice.

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