Collocation basis of men's suit

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In modern society, men should fully understand the knowledge of wearing a suit and color collocation, "Buddha by gold, people rely on clothes" the truth is never out of date, good grasp of the road wearing suit, which has become one of the men to improve cultural quality and success.

Basic collocation points

Tips: wear suit and wearing a double breasted suit generally should be every button on. Wearing a single breasted suit, as is the only two button above a button, three button is a middle button. In some informal situations, buttons are not buttoned. When you wear a suit, you must button the cuffs of your shirt. Suit pocket and pocket, not to put too many things, the best things on both sides of the inner bag around in a suit. There is a pocket outside the left chest of the suit, which is used for inserting handkerchiefs and is decorated. It is not appropriate to insert pens or put other things in this chest bag.

A suit and shirt, wearing a suit should be collocation of French shirt, shirt sleeve is suit sleeve 1 - 2 cm, shirt collar collar suit should be higher than 1 cm. The hem of the shirt must be put into the trousers. If you don't wear a tie, the neckline of your shirt should be open. In formal social occasions, the color of a shirt is preferably white.

Suits and ties: ties are the soul of a suit. In formal social events, a suit should be tied with a tie. The length of the tie is appropriate to the buckle. If you wear a vest or sweater, tie should be placed behind them. The tie clip is usually between the four or five buttons of the shirt.

Suit and shoes: not wearing a suit when wearing shoes, sandals or sneakers. A formal suit must be dark brown or black leather shoes. Socks should be darker than the suit, and the colors should be as simple and generous as possible.

Suits on different occasions

Formal dress: formal occasions -- formal meetings, banquets, receptions, wedding ceremony, evening social events must wear a dark suit, shirt for wearing a white shirt, wearing a tie for the rules or the necktie pattern, the color contrast is too strong. Semi formal attire: semi formal occasions -- work, lunch, general access and high-level meetings held during the day and a grand event, you can wear a medium color, light or dark than the bright suits, wear plain, elegant and harmonious color suit shirt, wearing a regular pattern or a simple but elegant monochrome tie.

Informal dress: informal occasions, tourism, friends and so on, can be more casually dressed in free, choose colors bright light, colorful flower suits, shirts can be arbitrary collocation, tie free collocation.

Suits and casual clothes in different seasons

Spring: all things recovery, thriving weather, making a relaxed and warm mood. The colors of this season can be any of the spectra, the most common of which is the transition from cool colors to warm colors. For example, beige, green. Fabric texture is based on tight, flexible worsted fabric. The structure is best coordinated with the two piece plus windbreaker.

Summer: the scorching sun, nowhere to hide the heat, so that people eager to cool. Neutral colors, white and black contrast, pure and transparent, relatively weak color will be popular. Such as: white, ivory, pale rice ash. Cotton, linen and silk are the preferred fabrics for this season. A simple, well cut, well tailored suit can be worn at work or at parties.

The autumn leaves should be piled everywhere: vegetation Xiao Shu, harvested from the heavy mood. A style of dress made up of a group of warm colors is recommended. For example: Brown, yellow mustard. Autumn can best embody the "whole dress", two piece set, three piece suit with a vest, with perhaps a trench type coat -- clear coat. The choice of fabric can be varied, and the bulkiness of the texture and the softness of the cut are worth considering.

Winter: cold to warm, natural dim create color display opportunities, the same color season will appeal. Of course, the routine should be hidden blue, dark gray, Jiang Huang, deep purple, brown, winter can also appear neat, delicate collocation image, it requires skill, can use the fabric of wool and cashmere, camel hair as raw material.

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