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European-Style Suit : Strict suit style, inverted trapezoid pattern, wide shoulder, slim fit, with exaggerated shoulder pads, the most obvious feature is double breasted, and European suit is normally peak lapel, and rolled trousers. European men are tall and slender, their upper body is slightly longer, so this style of suit is very critical of people's figure.

American-Style Suit: Loose pattern, comfortable is more important than slim fit. “O” shape, not focus on slim fit, not obvious shoulder pads, and normally single vent in center back.

British-Style Suit : Most of British-style suits are single breasted, with long and narrow lapel, pay attention to slim fit, shoulders are special treated, normally is double side vents, 3 front buttons. Some is single vent in center back, 2 buttons.

Japanese-Style Suit : Normally “H” shape, single breasted, no vent.


Suit Manufacturing Process

Toturn Garment is a professional OEM / ODM manufacturer with more than 20 years experience, we established long-term relationships with many brand fabric and accessories suppliers. We can help in developing new fabric and accessories, new samples. Offer product developing and sample making service. With one-piece-finished production line, fully automatic production equipment, high efficiency, systematic production and inspection system, we can offer faster delivery time, ensure quality.

Totrun Garment is not a manufacturer can only help in production, we can also offer proposal to provide customers with the materials that meet their design philosophy by understanding the design concept and demand of customer’s brand.

In order to provide more professional services, Toturn keep optimizing production process, improving production management system according to suit production requirements.

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