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Shirt Features

French Shirt : French is recognized as the most elegant shirt, is famous for its beautiful fold sleeves and cufflinks.

American Shirt: Like American suit, American shirt is loose design, pay less attention to fit. The shirt collar is normally not very neat when wear with a tie. A standard American shirt has collar buttons, for fastening the collar at people’s visual center, it is a populist shirt design.

Italian Shirt: Italian shirt is a more aristocratic and romantic shirt design in european traditional costume, normally wear with suits, it is a vintage and gentlemen shirt design.

British Shirt: British shirt is a kind of formal shirt in pattern, no pleat on the back, focus on form slim and elegant line, the shirt pattern and design just formed by cutting. British shirt has special slim fit shirt series.


Shirt Manufacture Process

10 years experience. We established long term relationships with famous fabric and accessory suppliers, professional fabric developing team can help to make unique fabric for customers according to customer’s idea and requirements.

Quick response to customer’s requirements, offer best and quick service.
Manufacture child shirt, female man shirt, woman shirt, casual shirt, ect.
Developing and designing various fabric, providing personalized service to customers.

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Why Choose Us?

Complete product category, offer custom servic

we produce complete category of menswear, exclusive team and professional production line customize different type of clothes.

Free design, preferential samples

Professional design team and sample center, help to make new samples when order quantity meet our MOQ.

Ensure quality, Full Process Supervise

Strict inspection in every process, quality insurance.

Quick respond, Prompt delivery

100 thousand square meters production base, 1 piece finished production line, quick respond to customer’s requirements, ensure delivery time.

Customer Case

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Manufacturing processes




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