Senior shirt discrimination

Date:2017年8月11日 11:37

Senior shirt discrimination

At the moment, online shopping clothing is no longer fashionable, this convenient and cost-effective shopping experience has been favored by many consumers. In particular, the relatively high level of standardization of men's shirts, so that a group of online clothing brands quickly grow up, PPG, VANCL, BONO, MasaMaso, HANY - all say their shirts well, who do you listen to?

Senior shirt key depends on fabric

First of all, cotton fabric is made of cotton, so to a great extent, the quality of cotton determines the quality of the fabric.

The cotton is divided into coarse cotton and long staple cotton (also called sea island cotton), upland cotton, good yarn cotton fabric, is woven with cotton. But in Egypt long staple cotton (Egyptian Cotton) cotton and Pima cotton (Pima Cotton) of the internal quality is the best.

Egyptian cotton fiber diameter ratio is 25% fine silk, woven yarn after almost no neps, high fiber strength, fiber uniformity, neat special mercerizing effect, so the Egyptian long staple cotton into the fabric feels very delicate, a silk like luster and quality, garment washed will remain bright color, and Egyptian cotton handcrafted, natural and pollution-free, the price is the most expensive in the world.

Besides, the American Pima cotton, which is a generic name for ELS, is named after the tradition of Indian Pima planting and hand picking cotton in the southwestern United states. Pima cotton tenacity is very strong, stronger than the average cotton 45%, cotton dyeing and finishing ability is strong, fabric color is bright and bright, the texture of natural soft, feel smooth slide, and yield only 3% of the world, can be described as "cotton in the best".

At present, the international first-line brands are using the above two kinds of extremely valuable cotton as raw material. And the brand of network sale uses rare cotton above, still rare. The so-called "a penny", 68 yuan, 99 yuan to buy expensive cotton fabric in any case, low cost marketing is also very difficult to achieve.

In addition, we have to mention the Oxford spinning fabric, which has the advantages of comfort, moisture absorption and quick drying. But at present domestic network marketing the Oxford shirt, with 40 yarn fabrics, slightly rough texture, feel like denim, the manufacturing cost is relatively low, and there is a certain gap between the upper class life style and the mainstream business concept. Therefore, the concept of "Royal Oxford spinning" promoted by some businessmen has yet to be discussed.

It is reported that, in order to overcome the defects of Oxford textile fabrics, and retains its superiority, MasaMaso brand has a unique creative - with a grade 100% Egyptian long staple cotton, woven into more than 80 pieces of yarn and fabric, in the process of imitation Oxford spinning, thus avoiding the rough and stiff feeling, so wearing both the grade is very comfortable.

Identify workmanship for premium shirts

A shirt is good or bad except for fabric, judging from details and quality. Shirts, workmanship, accessories, and so on, are important factors determining whether a shirt is good or bad.

First of all, workmanship, stitch density not only represents the level of workmanship, but also represents the fabric level. From the British high grade line, high fastness, high elasticity, and advanced fabrics complement each other. It is reported, MasaMaso brand shirts all use this kind of sewing thread, sewing after the stitch is smooth, beautiful, won't wrinkle. In addition, the world's most high-end sewing needle distance of 22 cm per 3 cm, which is one of the high-grade European shirt logo.

Sophisticated shirts also take a lot of time to deal with locks and eyeliner. The sewing line should be neat and firm, smooth; on line without proper tightness, take-up, disconnection, landing at the needle should have back needle and so on, these details need to observe.

Senior shirts are a detachable collar brace (inserted bamboo), collar supporting role is to keep straight collar, and easy disassembly, convenient washing and maintenance, this is a sign of high-grade shirt. The top grade shirts are equipped with two pairs of collar with different hardness, which is convenient for customers to use on different occasions.

The striped or checkered shirt, high-grade shirts about "linking" sewing details. The design of the shirt and the texture of the fabric determine that it is impossible for all the stitching to be correctly aligned, but in general, the more aligned the seams, the more exquisite the workmanship. You can carefully observe the stitching of a MasaMaso shirt. The lines of the fabric are aligned, and the stitching marks are almost invisible.

The European environmental protection to formaldehyde DP

According to the European textile industry environmental protection quality standard certification, high-grade cotton fabric is never used without ironing finishing. Non ironing finishing belongs to the chemical treatment of formaldehyde, which often changes the good feeling of pure cotton fabric, and leaves harmful chemicals at the same time. And harmful substances environmental treatment will offset some free ironing effect, and the most after washing 5~20 times after the loss of free ironing, so senior shirts generally do not wash and wear treatment.

Premium shirts are usually made with a perm that meets European health standards, such as MasaMaso shirts. The so-called easy hot, is the choice of Egyptian cotton and American Pima cotton this climax cotton as raw material, spinning into yarn fabric, yarn number is high, the organizational structure is more closely thick, especially with the double yarn fabric wear is very crisp and easy to wrinkle, healthy and comfortable. Even if you don't have time to iron your shirt, just wash it without washing it, then wet it with your hands, and let it dry for two days

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